Our Services

Our tailored, end to end research solutions are the most reliable route to customer intelligence and business success.

Directional Insights offers the following research services:

  • Research Needs Identification
  • Research Planning, Implementation and Project Management
  • Individual Research Project Delivery
  • Specialised Shopping Centre Customer Surveys
  • Portfolio Research Management
  • Idea Exchange

Research Needs Identification

This service is used to assess a business’s current need for research and recommends how best to structure the required research to achieve maximum results and ROI. We can advise on ways to improve research planning, delivery output and communication.

Research Planning, Implementation and Project Management

Directional Insights specialises in managing the research for complex and high risk/return projects. This service covers the coordination of all research disciplines during the life of the project.

Individual Research Project Delivery

This service covers qualitative and quantitative research, demographic analysis and business to business industry monitoring, tailored to meet your need and budget. This includes small projects for individual assets to larger projects across multiple assets.

Specialised Shopping Centre Customer Surveys

Directional Insights is the founder of coordinated customer surveys and benchmarking for portfolio managed shopping centres. This service is now extended across the Industry to include Retail Store Outlet Customer Surveys which provide detailed analysis and interpretation of results.

Portfolio Research Management

We can completely coordinate all of your research needs for your property portfolio from needs identification and planning through to delivery across all research disciplines. This service allows you to streamline and coordinate your research with a consistent approach and avoids the heavy overheads associated with the operation of an internal research department.

Idea Exchange

When it comes to presenting our findings, we can tailor the communication to meet your needs and your audience. Our reports are practical and focus on solving your business problems. This means translating the consumer insights into clear implications that can be comprehended by multi-disciplinary project and management teams. We can also work with you to prepare relevant communications that drill all the way down to the frontline and help you achieve buy-in organisation wide.

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