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    Founded in 2002, Directional Insights keeps some of Australia’s most respected property and retail companies in touch with their customers. We specialise in researching consumer behaviour, gathering essential knowledge and delivering powerful insights to our partners in the Retail, Residential and Commercial Property markets.

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    We take an innovative partnership approach to our clients‘ business. We consider what stage in the lifecycle your business or asset is, so we can determine your long term needs as well as your immediate requirements. In doing so, we are able to identify opportunities early and forward plan strategies and tactics to maximise the ongoing performance and growth potential of your business.


  • Directional Insights is a valued partner and the preferred research company for Mirvac Retail.
    Directional Insights have been instrumental in ensuring Mirvac have a structured approach across their portfolio of shopping centres from the briefing process through to the formal presentation. They are responsible for the ongoing management and storage of research undertaken on our behalf ensuring a complete history is available to all relevant departments.
    Former National Retail Marketing Manager


  • We have commissioned Directional Insights to undertake many research studies across our portfolio over the years. Directional Insights is unique in that they primarily concentrate their work within retail and therefore have a thorough understanding of customers’ behaviour, attitudes and perceptions in retail environments. They offer excellent customer service and consistently deliver reports on time and most importantly within budget.
    Their aim is to ensure every project is delivered to their clients’ needs and expectations. They are always ready to undertake additional analysis and provide further advice as requested.
    General Manager of Research
    Lend Lease (Retail)

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