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It’s the age old story… Really

We all know the population is ageing, we hear it all the time in the media, but is the hype really true? In the last Census (2006) the average age of Australians increased from 35 in 2001 to 37 years. And whilst 1 in 5 of us is now aged over 55 years, 33% of Australia is still aged under 25 years.

But all this is about to change. The Western World is ageing fast and Australia and New Zealand are no exception. This trend is a product of 200 years of wealth, health and salubrity – creating a majority of healthy older people. In 2042, life expectancy at birth for men is projected to be 82.5 years which is 5.3 years longer than life expectancy at birth in 2002. In 2042, life expectancy at birth for women is projected to be 87.5 years, which is 4.9 years longer than their life expectancy at birth in 2002 in Australia. This trend is expected to be similar in New Zealand.

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We are now dealing with the aged (over 60 year olds) and the seriously aged (over 80 year olds). A seriously ageing population is a new world phenomenon..are you prepared for it?

Source: Intergenerational Report 2010

Looking at the 1541 Census in England only around 8% of the population where aged over 60 years, and this was the case until the 1980s. But ageing has changed remarkably

The trend is set to continue according to the latest Intergenerational Report released by the Treasury Department.

By 2050 the number of Australians aged 65-84 years will double and the number of people 85+ years will quadruple. That means in 2050 one in 20 of us will be aged over 85 years! As you read this, I can hear you working out how old you will be in 2050 – do you fall into this group?

In the 1970s for every person over the age of 65 years, 7 people were working. In 2050 only 2.7 people will be working for everyone aged over 65 years – this is going to lead to a strong pull on government resources and more pressure on the taxation pool. Ageing also has implications on the type of housing developed going forward, how retail is designed and the type of retail mix delivered, and workplace functionality and employment.

Ageing and its impact is just one of the key issues Helen Bakewell explores in her latest industry presentation, Retail Wrap. To book your free 1 hour presentation please contact us on 1300 138 651 or email Isabella@directional.com.au.

This is the way we wash our hands

Hand dryer or paper towel? Which one do Australian’s prefer when using a public restroom?

Directional Insights undertook a nationwide on-line survey of n=1,000 Australians to air out our personal hygiene preferences when visiting a Shopping Centre and it seems the paper towel wins our vote.

The majority of us stated that we prefer paper towel to dry our hands when we are using a public toilet in shopping centres, at 58%. However, when we look at paper towel preference by gender, it is the women who have the greatest preference for this hand drying medium, at 64%. That’s not to say that men don’t prefer paper towel, with 52% of Australian males stating this was their favourite way to dry their hands.

A further 17% of Australians interviewed stated they preferred to use a hand dryer when drying their hands in a public rest room. In terms of preference for hand dryers by gender, it is the men who have a greater preference for hand dryers at 21%. This is a slightly higher proportion compared to females, where 14% prefer hand dryers.

Approximately one in five Australians interviewed stated that they are happy to use either paper towel or hand dryers when they use public restrooms in a shopping centre.

So how does this vary across the age groups? Not drastically, however preference for paper towel tends to increase the older we get, with the highest preference by those aged 45-54 years and 55-64 years at 62% and 63% respectively. Conversely, Australian’s aged over 65 years have a slightly higher preference for hand dryers at 23%, yet the majority of this age group still prefer paper towel at 57%.

When it comes to preference for either hand dryers or paper towel by state, the appeal of paper towel is highest for those residing in the Northern Territory. This is closely followed by those residing in the Sydney Metropolitan region, with 67% preferring hand towel and only 10% with a preference for hand dryers.

Shoppers tend to see the pros and cons of both paper towel and hand dryer use. Some shoppers are asking just how environmentally friendly is paper towel? Even if the paper towel is recycled, what is the cost to the environment? Other shoppers ask, what is the environmental cost of making and running a hand dryer? Which is more hygienic?

Interestingly, 3% of shoppers don’t like to use either a hand dryer or paper towel to dry their hands! They are the shoppers you see wiping their hands on their jeans. At the end of the day, it just comes down to personal preference!

Planet Ark, Wow and Directional Insights = Its cool to be green.

We all know being green personally and professionally is important. Consumers, especially female consumers are increasingly looking for ways to be more efficient, economic and green. With this in mind Directional insights recently joined forces with Planet Ark to investigate what Australian shoppers think about their carbon footprint. That is, their impact on the environment through what they do.

Given the task at hand, it seemed fitting for Directional Insights to launch their first venture with PDA devices, the latest – and more importantly for this collaboration, paperless technology in face to face research. In coming issues, we will bring you the results as well as the lowdown on how to be green in Australia and how to conduct green research.

Retail Wrap

The Year that Was and the Year that Will Be.

This informative presentation delivered by Helen Bakewell, Managing Director – Directional Insights, is an excellent way for members of your team to “Keep In Touch” with Industry developments.

Helen will discuss the impacts of the Global Financial Crisis and share her views on the trends and issues shaping the face of the Retail Industry in 2010.

To register your interest and arrange a convenient time for Helen to present this 60 minute overview at your office, please call 1300 138 651 or email isabella@directional.com.au

The Buzz

Retail Vegas Style

Walking down the Las Vegas Boulevard, where artifice, neon’s and colour are abundant, one would hardly expect to find such an environmentally conscious building. From the outside, Crystals at CityCentre is an amazing structure, designed by renowned architects Studio Daniel Libeskind and David Rockwell. During the day, the buildings’ sleek and multi faceted façade, that is home to around 500,000 square feet of luxury retail, shines on the Las Vegas Strip.

However, once the sun fades, this Centre becomes an ever-changing sculpture,  with the lights of Louis Vuitton continuously capturing your attention.

Not only is this Centre home to some of the worlds leading luxury retailers, it is also home to some of the Strips star studded nightlife attractions. With a restaurant and coffee bar run by renowned chef Wolfgang Puck, a newly designed pub concept by Todd English and a restaurant and nightclub by Eva Longoria Parker, one is sure to spot a celeb or two!

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However, if green is your colour (and I don’t mean money, but do make sure to take fistfuls with you!) then rest assured that CityCentre is playing its part.  This development has been awarded the LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council, the highest any hotel or retail development has been awarded in Las Vegas.

One thing is for certain, Crystals CityCentre is an amazing retail and entertainment centre, and certainly captured this little Australian’s spare dollars! Cara Wiltshire, Research Executive at Directional Insights just spent 3 weeks in the USA taking in the retail highlights.

NOTE: This is general information only and does not constitute advice nor take into account any individual’s or company’s specific requirements, and should not be relied upon as such. Readers are advised to seek specific advice. Directional Insights makes no representation nor gives any warranty as to the accuracy of future forecasts. This information is not intended as investment advice or other advice and must not be relied upon as such. You should make your own inquiries and take independent advice tailored to your specific circumstances prior to making any investment or other decision. To the fullest extent permitted by law, any conditions, warranties or liabilities implied by law into these conditions are hereby excluded. All copyright resides with Directional Insights Pty Ltd.

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