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The First Ten Rules of Retail
November 2011

When presenting, Directional Insights often talks about the Ten Rules of Retail. However as the market shifts and evolves, those ten rules have become twenty. In recognition of this, the first ten rules of retail are here for download. Click here to read the first ten rules of Retail.

Smartphones and Social Media
July 2011

Australians are steadily embracing online retail. While it is generally agreed online sales account for around 5% of the Australian retail market place it is interesting to dig a little deeper and look at the main usage trends.

The CCI published a report in 2010 outlining how Australians interact with the internet, showing that fewer and fewer Australians are resisting the convenience afforded by the internet when it comes to retail…. Read More

September 2010

A question dreaded by men around the world is the ever terrifying “Does this look good on me sweetie”. Perhaps the most unexpected answer would be “There’s an app for that darling.” But there is … Read More

It’s all about LEEDing Retail
July 2010

Online shopping is a growing trend in Australia. Sitting in my inbox right now is a voucher from Borders offering 30% off any item purchased … Read More

What do Social Networking and Nostalgia have in common
July 2010

Increasingly during customer discussion groups run by Directional Insights across the country, we hear customers reminiscing about marketing activities … Read More

Emerging Social Trends Affecting the Way We Shop
September 2008

The extensive research Directional Insights has collaborated in over the last six years has given considerable insight into the progression of social trends. The following emerging trends are a part of what … Read More

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