Privacy Policy Online Surveys

Privacy Statement For On-Line Surveys

Directional Insights Pty Ltd ( would like to thank you for taking part in this market research survey. In obtaining your co-operation, we undertake not to mislead you in any way about the nature of the research we are conducting, the way in which the data is collected and the use that will be made of the survey results. On most occasions, we will identify the company that we are conducting the survey for at the start of the process. However, if doing this will affect the results of the survey, we may inform you at the end of the interview.

All of the answers that you give us will be treated as confidential, unless we have asked for, and been given, your consent to pass on your answers. We may ask you for personal information that enables you to be identified – e.g. your name, e-mail address or telephone number. This may be in order to inform the winner of a prize draw, or to contact you regarding follow-up surveys. However, when we do ask for this information, we will clearly state why we are asking for it and for your permission to use the information for that purpose.

On the rare occasions that we ask for your permission to pass data on in a form which allows you to be personally identified, we will ensure that the information is used only for the purposes stated. We will not send you junk mail or pass on your details to others for this purpose.

As with all forms of market research, your participation is voluntary. You are entitled to ask that part, or all, of the record of your involvement in the survey be deleted or destroyed. Wherever this is possible, we will act on your request.

We try to ensure that we do not interview children, unless we have sought and received the permission of a parent or guardian. Unless this has been done, by participating in this survey, you indicate that you are aged over fifteen.

We also collect information through the use of ‘cookies’. These are used as sparingly as possible, and only for quality control, validation and, more importantly, to prevent us asking for your participation on subsequent occasions. It is possible for you to delete ‘cookies’ or to prevent their use by adjusting the browser settings on your computer.

We also automatically capture information about your browser type in order to deliver an interview best suited to the software your computer is using. We do no do other invisible processing of data from your computer.

Our web site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information you have given us. Only certain employees have access to this information, for quality control, data analysis or internal staff training.

If you have any questions about this survey then please contact us at  Directional Insights are members of the Australian Market and Social Research Society ( and follow their code of conduct in all that we do.

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