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Shopping centres preferred for retail fix – Business Spectator

Retail fix sought under one roof – ‘Newcastle Morning Herald’

Shopping mall preferred for retail fix – ‘The West Australian’

Average Woman spends $150,000 on lifetime of shopping – ‘Herald Sun’

Retail Therapy – ‘Sydney Morning Herald’

Shopping Habits fit needs, income – ‘Sydney Morning Herald’

Our big spenders : Baby boomers and Gen Ys top the list – ‘Herald Sun’

Generations of big spenders – ‘’Gladstone Observer’ Queensland

Shopping styles show your age – ‘Courier Mail’

Anxious wait behind the tills – ‘Sydney Morning Herald’

“The Way We Are” Generations Shopping Report Where do your Shoppers fit in? Are they members of the Silent Generation or Millenium Babes?


Young Families Spend Faster – Marketing Matters Magazine

A Matter of Taste? – ‘Ragtrader’ [Fashion Industry Magazine]

Shopping pleasure at 70 cents per minute– ‘Australian Financial Review’

Men Enjoy Shopping!
Directional Insights break the myth: it seems men (well most of them anyway) don’t hate shopping!


Customer Profile for Regional Shopping Centres – Shopping Centre News

ONLINE Shopping – Is there a Future?– Shopping Centre News


Mall Visits : $74 a pop : Article : ‘Sydney Morning Herald’

What Customers Want – Marketing Matters Magazine

Ageing Gracefully – Forget It! – Marketing Matters Magazine

Retailers Check on a Trend to Spend – ‘The West Australian’


Marketing Matters Career Survey

Slavishly Devoted – Marketing Matters Magazine

Hungry Hearts (and how to win them) – Marketing Matters Magazine

Generation Y Encouraging and Keeping the Youth Market – Marketing Matters Magazine

Research Made Easy – Mind your P’s and Q’s

Shopping in the Land of the Long White Cloud


A Market Insight – Marketing Matters Magazine

Capturing Your Market – Marketing Matters Magazine

Reading the Future – Marketing Matters Magazine

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